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We Have Moved!

Athletic Performance Education has located to a Newer, Bigger, and Better, Facilty located @ 9639 Dr. Perry Rd., Suite 104, Ijamsville, Md 21754. Come in and check us at and get your FREE Fitness Evalution.

Our Misson

Athletic Performance Education, LLC is committed to educating the community on how to isolate strengths and weaknesses in order to improve and maximize physical aesthetics, performance, and everyday functionality. Through multi-faceted hands on experience in the fitness industry, we strive to provide the essential and information necessary to improve and lengthen their quality of life.

Is A.P.E. For You?

•   Are you stuck in a fitness "rut" - but not sure how to break out?
•   Have you started fitness programs in the past, but gradually lost interest when your results     reach a plateau?
•   Do you have a specific fitness goal that you are motivated to reach?
•   Are you looking for serious results, but are not sure how to get them?
•   Do you thrive on challenges and enjoy being pushed beyond your limits?

If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you are ready for the A.P.E. Fitness Challenge!


Fitness is NOT rocket science! However, at APE we recog-nize that the QUALITY, INTENSITY and SPECIFICITY of a fitness program has an enormous impact on results.

1. QUALITY: Certain types of cardiovascular and strength training are more effective than others for maximizing physical aesthetics, performance, and everyday func-tionality. At APE, our instructors are knowledgeable about the types of exercise that will yield RESULTS

2. INTENSITY: There are a variety of training tools (for example, interval training) that push you beyond your comfort zone - safely - and allow your fitness to in-crease by leaps and bounds. At APE, our instructors will teach you how to push beyond your preconceived limits - the results are tangible, both for physical appearance as well as overall physical fitness.

3. SPECIFICITY: No you cannot spot-reduce. Yes, you CAN target a certain "look" - and achieve it - through targeted training. What is targeted training? It is training that is tailored to your body, your inter-ests, your physical abilities. At APE, our instructors will sit down with you and discuss your fitness goals. Based upon your goals, and our experience, our in-structors will suggest a program for you. We will suggest classes (although you are always free to take ANY classes on our schedule) that will get you the results you desire. In addition, our class schedule changes throughout the year. It is well known that the only thing worse than do-ing no exercise is doing the SAME exer-cise week after week. At APE, our in-structors vary the curriculum throughout the year. This training technique ensures that you will continue to be challenged, and will continue to experience the re-sults of your hard work.

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